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Are you a dealer or wholesaler for bar supplies and looking for a special alternative to plastic straws?

Are you a dealer or wholesaler for bar supplies and looking for a special alternative to plastic straws? Our Turtleneck Straw® proves that sustainability and lifestyle do not have to be mutually exclusive. This is how it differs from other reusable alternatives. The Turtleneck Straw® is the ideal addition to your range. Because our stainless-steel straw is an environmentally friendly and stylish drinking straw solution, which combines perfectly design, sustainability, haptics and function, making it the ideal straw alternative for your customers.

The advantages of the Turtleneck Straw®


Sustainable drinking pleasure

Sustainability is often associated with renouncing functionality, comfort or individual design. The Turtleneck Straw® is the stylish and chic alternative to other straw alternatives. It meets all ecological requirements and shows that sustainability and lifestyle go well together. Due to its flexibility, it completely replaces the plastic straw in terms of comfort and functionality and can therefore also be used by children, senior citizens and people with disabilities. On the other hand, using a Turtleneck Straw® saves up to 10,000 disposable straws and their annual purchase costs. Through the use of high-quality stainless steel in material quality DIN 1.4301, our drinking straw alternative is extremely robust and strong. So, it has a longer lifespan than comparable straw alternatives. And if it should ever break, it is very easy to recycle.

Flexible drinking comfort

The Turtleneck Straw® is the flexible alternative to straws made from pasta, paper or glass. By using flexible stainless-steel, its mouthpiece can be bent easily and infinitely and replaces the plastic straw in function and flexibility. The use of food-safe stainless-steel in DIN 1.4301 material quality as well as its large diameter and the rounded edges of the mouthpiece ensure a long service life and maximum safety. In this way, we guarantee a high level of drinking comfort and a natural taste experience. This makes our drinking straw a stylish and comfortable straw alternative, which can also be used by children, senior citizens and people with disabilities due to its excellent function and feel.

Maximum Quality, maximum Safety

The Turtleneck Straw® is a high-quality and safe alternative to straws made of paper, pasta or glass. Due to our almost 60 years of experience in the processing of stainless steel, we only use stainless steel with DIN 1.4301 material quality for the production of our reusable straws. Our reusable straw is easy to bend and at the same time extremely strong, which is a prerequisite for the safe bending of our reusable straw. In addition, it is food-safe, hygienically harmless and easy to clean. This guarantees that our Turtleneck Straw®, despite its flexibility, is more robust and durable than many other straw alternatives and that both cool and hot liquids can be safely consumed.

The Turtleneck Straw® also guarantees maximum safety and a nice feeling on your lips. This is created by the rounded edges of the end piece, which ensure a pleasant and safe feeling when drinking. The large diameter of the Turtleneck Straw® also guarantees a good flow of even thick beverages and also allows an optimal amount of liquid to be consumed.

Due to its maximum security and feel, the Turtleneck Straw® is also ideal for children. Thanks to the use of high-quality and unbreakable stainless steel, it is free from toxic chemicals, pollutants, petroleum and BPA and does not splinter if children should bite on the straw.

Heiß- oder Kaltgetränke schmecken mit Metall-Strohhalmen ganz natürlich – ohne störenden Beigeschmack

In contrast to the straw made of paper, pasta or metal, the Turtleneck Straw® is also food-safe and tasteless. The guests receive a natural taste experience even if the straw is used many times.

Hygienic and quick cleaning

Even if a straw made of stainless-steel or metal is often the better alternative to plastic straws than, for example, a straw made of glass, these reusable straws are often perceived as less hygienic. Because of the material of these drinking straws, dirt and stuck beverage residues are difficult to see and also require a lot of cleaning.

The Turtleneck Straw® is also the more hygienic solution to other straw alternatives. Compared to conventional metal or stainless-steel straws, the Turtleneck Straw® is flexible and has a large opening so that the water can flow through even better when cleaning. This means that it cannot only be cleaned with the cleaning brush, but also in the dishwasher without leaving any residue. The material of our straw also contributes to the fact that the Turtleneck Straw® can be cleaned at least as hygienically as, for example, a glass straw. For our stainless-steel is extremely robust and heat-resistant up to a temperature of 80 degrees. Germs and bacteria are removed just as safely as beverage residues.

tickmark-turtleneck straw

Stylish and individual reusable straw for every catering area

The Turtleneck Straw® is a versatile alternative to common straw alternatives. On the one hand, three different sizes with lengths of 15cm, 22cm and 28cm allow flexible use from shots and soup to bottled soft drinks, smoothies and XXL cocktails. On the other hand, the Turtleneck Straw is available in special colors of gold and rainbow in addition to the standard silver, which give our reusable straw an unmistakable appearance. Both colors are of course titanium-coated and therefore food-safe and tasteless. This guarantees the right straw for every customer request.

Didn't find the color or length that you want?

We are happy to produce the Turtleneck Straw® in your individual color/length for larger quantities. Feel free to contact us, we will make you an individual offer.

Due to its heat-resistant material and its large diameter, not only cold drinks, but also soups and hot drinks can be consumed. In contrast to other straw alternatives, our stainless-steel straw always retains its shape even in the heat and stays pleasantly cool in the mouth with warm drinks.

Mit Logo oder Schriftzug versehen, machen die Mehrweg-Strohhalme deinen Betrieb unvergesslich.

The Turtleneck Straw® is also the stylish and environmentally friendly alternative for individual advertising messages.

It can be used cost-effectively and specifically for target groups and offers more opportunities for interaction. The Turtleneck Straw® can be individually designed using laser engraving. There are no limits to creativity. The entire lower part is available to your customers to realize their design ideas and thus to be remembered by their customers. This makes the Turtleneck Straw® an eye catcher for your customers and an unmistakable symbol of sustainability for your restaurant or bar.

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