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For a better future with the Turtleneck Straw®

With the development of the Turtleneck Straw® we have responded to two current problems:

The pollution from single-use plastic and the EU ban on plastic straws. The following figures also prove that plastic pollution has long since become the number one environmental problem worldwide:

Plastic pollution facts and figures

0 billion
By 2015, more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic waste had been generated globally
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Even if the majority is produced in Asia, plastic pollution also plays an increasingly important role in Europe. In 2017 alone, over 14 million tons of plastic were produced in Germany, of which only 810,000 tons were recycled

In 2016, plastic packaging waste generated per capita:

38 kilograms

For Europe, only in Luxembourg (50.5kg), Ireland (46.2kg) and Estonia (42.2kg) is the consumption even higher.

In 2016, the production of plastic required around

8 percent of global oil production
38 Kilogramm 8%
2 monate
The average decomposition time of plastic waste varies from 2 months to infinity
Around 40 percent of the consumption produced annually is so-called single-use plastic with an average usage time of 25 minutes
Single-use plastic 40%
0 billion
Single-use plastic straws make up the largest share of single-use plastic. Their decomposition time is estimated at 500 years
Of these, we recycle only ...
Incinerated just ...
Deposited or disposed of in the environment

Especially our oceans are behuing inundated more and more with garbage.

Around 10 million tons of garbage end up in the oceans every year, of which disposable plastic makes up around 75%

According to a statistical extrapolation, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish in 2050


EU-wide ban on single-use plastic by 2021

In order to counteract the pollution of the environment by single-use plastic, the European Union issued in 2018 an EU-wide ban on single-use plastic products from 2021. This primarily affects disposable items such as straws and cotton swabs, plastic dishes or even food packaging made of Styrofoam. They are all increasingly being washed up on beaches and, in the long term, contribute to irreparable damage to the environment. In addition to the one-way plastic ban, it was also decided that from 2030 all plastic bottles should be made from at least 30 percent recycled materials. Because even if plastic products are not classified as “dangerous goods”, their use makes a massive contribution to transforming our world into a gigantic rubbish bin.

Straw alternatives for gastronomy and at home

With the EU-wide plastic ban, the Union has taken an important step in regaining control of the flood of plastic and enabling the first steps towards a plastic-free life. However, it is precisely this ban that is now confronting the catering trade, health care facilities, retirement and nursing homes and disabled people with major problems. These groups, for example, are still dependent in their everyday life on the functionality and haptics of a disposable plastic straw. Now they are forced to look for practical and especially for bendable alternatives. Manufacturers have long since reacted to the impending ban and launched a large number of reusable straw alternatives on the market. Except for the Turtleneck Straw®, none are bendable and all reusable drinking straws have weaknesses and are therefore not suitable for everyone.

Zwar haben Hersteller schon längst auf das drohende Verbot reagiert und eine Vielzahl von neuen Strohhalm Alternativen auf den Markt gebracht. Aber alle wiederverwendbaren Trinkhalme haben Schwächen und sind deshalb nicht für jeden geeignet.


Comparison of reusable drinking straws:


Straws from

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Straws from

Straws from

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Straws from

The Turtleneck



Gute Öko-Bilanz




Hygienisch unbedenklich



Even if stainless steel straws perform best, hardly any of these reusable straw alternatives meet all of the requirements placed upon them.

The Turtleneck Straw® - sustainability that is fun

Our solution to this problem is the Turtleneck Straw®.

With the Turtleneck Straw®, we have created a reusable drinking straw made of stainless-steel that eliminates all the weaknesses of previous alternatives to plastic straws, is in no way inferior to it in terms of function and feel and is just plain fun. And it looks good too!

The special thing about our plastic-free straw is that sustainability and lifestyle are perfectly combined. On the one hand, this is ensured by its flexible mouthpiece, which can be used straight OR bent and is in no way inferior to the well-known plastic straw in terms of function and feel. On the other hand, the use of high-quality stainless steel in the material quality DIN 1.4301 makes our reusable drinking straw extremely robust and stable, and it is also food-safe, dishwasher-safe and free of harmful substances. This guarantees maximum safety and hygiene as well as a longer product life of our reusable straw compared to other straw alternatives.

Contrary to many other drinking straw alternatives, no compromises have to be made with regard to the drinking sensation.

This is ensured by the rounded edges and the large opening, which allows an optimal flow of even thick beverages and soups and makes it easier to take in an optimal amount of liquid. Swallowing or excessive exertion while drinking are excluded, as are cuts that can occur through “chewing” on the straw. Because our stainless steel is not only unbreakable, it is also bendable and, unlike glass, also yields under strong pressure without breaking.

Thanks to its large opening and good flow, our stainless-steel straw can be cleaned easily and residue-free and is therefore just as hygienic as a glass straw. Simply bend the drinking straw straight and clean it in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher or with our cleaning brush supply – done.

The Turtleneck Straw® also stands out clearly from other straw alternatives thanks to its elegant, timeless design and its ability to be customized. Three different lengths and colors make it a versatile all-rounder for almost all drinks and occasions. For example, hot soup can be enjoyed with it as well as XXL cocktails. And our reusable straw can also be individually

branded using laser engraving. This makes it an attractive solution for the catering sector as well as a high-quality giveaway or company present

In addition to all the advantages that make our stainless-steel straw the ideal alternative to plastic straws, it also has a good eco-balance and thus proves that sustainability is possible without sacrificing. By using high-quality stainless steel, it is particularly robust and strong and therefore has a longer service life than other straw alternatives. One Turtleneck Straw® saves around 10,000 plastic straws that would otherwise have ended up polluting the environment. And if it does break, it can easily be recycled.

tickmark-turtleneck straw

We also pay attention to fairness and sustainability in production, packaging and shipping. Our partner’s plant is located in the German-Chinese Ecopark, which manufactures according to European social and environmental standards (


And our reusable straws are packaged and shipped in 100% plastic-free and biodegradable cotton or paper packaging.


The topic of sustainability is far from over. In addition to constant optimization of our Turtleneck Straw®, we are also planning to work with workshops for the disabled, where we plan to package our reusable straws in the future. We would like to make our reusable drinking straw even more environmentally friendly and do our part for a better future.

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