Save money with our reusable straws

Straws made of stainless steel, glass or metal are the future and will finally replace disposable plastic straws by July 2021 at the latest – be it at home, in restaurants or in health care facilities. Above all, they are one thing: they are reusable and eliminate huge amounts of disposable straws, for example made of paper, every year. Provided with your own logo, they are also a great advertising medium and a symbol for the sustainability of the company or institution. In contrast to the cheap plastic straw, their acquisition costs are significantly higher. Nevertheless, by switching from disposable straws to our drinking straws, you can save already lots of money just after a few months.

For example, a Turtleneck Straw® replaces around 10,000 disposable straws. Since it is extremely robust and almost indestructible, the replacement costs for our reusable straws are also kept within limits.

Our straw alternative can also save money in other areas. Because of its stability, it can also be used as a stirrer without any problems and makes the additional purchase of spoons expendable.

This not only saves money, but also time!

The advantages and disadvantages of the Turtleneck Straw® compared to disposable straws: