Straws made of glass, metal or do you prefer paper?

So safe is our Turtleneck Straw®

What are the safest and most hygienic alternatives? – Especially the gastronomy, but also people with disabilities and the elderly, deal with these questions when looking for suitable alternatives to plastic straws.

The classic disposable plastic straw has the following properties:

  • Shatterproof: Bite-proof and flexible thanks to polyethylene; also withstands permanent pressure from the outside without breaking

  • Resistant: withstands biting and bending effortlessly

  • Flexible: soft, flexible shape reduces the risk of injury, for example in the event of a fall

  • Hygienic: disposable product; No time-consuming cleaning required thanks to one-time use and therefore hygienic

With the Turtleneck Straw®, we have created an alternative to the classic plastic straw that replaces the disposable straw on all of these points. Even safer than a normal disposable straw, it can become a safe everyday helper for everyone.

Because the Turtleneck Straw® ...

… is unbreakable and almost indestructible: For the production of our Turtleneck Straw®, we only use stainless-steel with the material quality DIN 1.4301. This guarantees that our Turtleneck Straw® is extremely stable and robust despite its flexibility. Thanks to the use of stainless-steel, our reusable straw has a long lifespan and becomes almost indestructible.

… is flexible: The Turtleneck Straw® is the first bendable alternative to the plastic straw. As the basis for our drinking straw, we use the flexible stainless-steel pipe of our electric heating mats, which we have shaped into a straw with a flexible end piece. The drinking straw can either be bent or used straight – just as it is needed. This enables us to replace the most important function of the plastic straw identically.

is free from harmful substances: Thanks to our high-quality and independently tested stainless- steel, our Turtleneck Straw® is free of toxic chemicals, pollutants, petroleum and BPA and also enables easy and residue-free cleaning of the reusable straw either by hand or in the dishwasher.

… minimizes the risk of injury: In addition to the optimal shape of the mouthpiece, the Turtleneck Straw® has no sharp edges, featuring a rounded edge in the top opening, which enables a pleasant and safe drinking experience. This has also been checked and confirmed by our testers, who were actively involved in the development of our reusable straw. The straw enables a good flow of thick drinks and soups and facilitates the absorption of an optimal amount of liquid. Wrong swallowing or excessive exertion while drinking are excluded, as are cuts. Because our stainless steel is not only unbreakable, but also flexible and, unlike glass, does not break under pressure.


… has been hygienically tested: our drinking straw is free of harmful substances, food-safe, dishwasher-safe, tasteless and easy and safe to clean. This has been tested and certified by an independent testing institute, the full report you can find below.

And the Turtleneck Straw® has even more to offer

It's even safer than a plastic straw because it's ...

… heat-resistant: Thanks to the use of stainless-steel, our Turtleneck Straw® is extremely heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees without any problems. This guarantees that both cool cocktails and hot soups can be enjoyed without worries. In addition, it can of course withstand temperatures of up to 80 ° in the dishwasher and can thus be cleaned germ-free.

… easy to clean: Thanks to its large diameter, the Turtleneck Straw® is just as easy and thorough to clean as a glass straw. This is very easy and quick with our specially made brushes, which are included in every straw set and enable residue-free cleaning. Cleaning in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher is even easier. This has also been checked and certified by an independent body.