The Turtleneck Straw® - a marketing tool for branding

Are you a promotional material retailer or looking for a special giveaway or promotional item for your customers that perfectly combines sustainability and lifestyle?

Then the Turtleneck Straw® is the ideal addition to your product range. As a high-quality promotional tool with a long time of use, it ensures lasting advertising effects and can be flexibly added to any product range.

Sustainable promotional tools are trendy with customers

Promotional items have become an important component in the marketing mix, regardless of whether they are at trade fairs or at Christmas time. Haptic advertising is already taking third place in this sector behind classic print and TV advertising. But here, too, the classic advertising media such as ballpoint pens and lighters are losing more and more importance, while the demand for environmentally conscious and sustainable advertising media is continuously increasing.

The Turtleneck Straws® have the following advantages over traditional advertising media:


The Turtleneck Straw® as a sustainable giveaway and promotional item

It doesn’t always have to be the classic fabric bag. Because our reusable straw is the stylish and environmentally friendly alternative to common giveaways and promotional items, in which design, sustainability, feel and function are perfectly combined and thus become a sustainable brand ambassador for every company.

The advantages of the Turtleneck Straw® as an advertising medium

High quality giveaway for every industry

As a sustainable brand ambassador, the Turtleneck Straw® is not only suitable for a wide range of customers from the banking, tourism and energy sectors and the hotel industry. The Turtleneck Straw® is also an ideal giveaway for customers from the fitness studio, branding event, company event or trade fair, which conveys individually designed advertising messages, that will be used for a long time and helps to create a positive image.

Your customers run a football club and want to add a sustainable item to their merchandise?

Talk to us, we will find a suitable solution.

Gut für die Umwelt, gut für den Trinkspaß: Strohhalme aus Metall sind robust und hygienisch

Flexibility and quality

Our stainless-steel straw is the flexible alternative to straws made of pasta, paper or glass. By using flexible stainless-steel, its mouthpiece can be bent easily and infinitely and replaces the plastic straw in function and feel. The use of food-safe stainless steel with the DIN 1.4301 material quality as well as its large diameter and the rounded edges of the mouthpiece ensure a long service life and maximum safety. In this way, we guarantee a high level of drinking comfort and a natural taste experience. This makes our drinking straw a stylish and high-quality advertising ambassador for your customers, who achieves sustainable advertising effects and strengthens the sustainability image of their company.

Design and sustainability

The Turtleneck Straw® is the stylish and chic alternative to plastic, paper or pasta straws. Because it meets all the ecological requirements for a straw alternative and shows that sustainability and lifestyle go well together. Our reusable straws impress with their chic, timeless design and a wide range of colors that give every drink and every occasion its personal touch. This makes our stainless-steel straw a stylish and environmentally friendly giveaway for your customers.


Style and individuality

Our Turtleneck Straw® is the stylish and environmentally friendly alternative for every advertising message from your customers on advertising media. It can be used cost-effectively and specifically for target groups and offers more opportunities for interaction. The Turtleneck Straw® can be individually designed using laser engraving. There are no limits to creativity. The entire lower part of the drinking straw is available to your customers to realize their design ideas and to be remembered by your business partners. This makes the Turtleneck Straw® an eye catcher for your customers and an unmistakable symbol of sustainability for their company.

Choice of various colos and different sizes

The Turtleneck Straw® is a versatile alternative to common straws. On the one hand, three different sizes with a length of 15cm, 22cm and 28cm allow flexible use of shots and soup to soft drinks and XXL cocktails. On the other hand, the Turtleneck Straw is available in the special colors gold and rainbow in addition to the standard silver, which give our reusable straw an unmistakable appearance. Both colors are of course titanium-coated and therefore food-safe and tasteless. This guarantees the right straw for every customer request.

Didn’t find the color you want? We are happy to produce the Turtleneck Straw® in your individual color depending on your needed quantity. Feel free to contact us, we will make you an individual offer.

„short“ 15cm | Ø 9 mm

perfect for soups and shots

„medium“ 22 cm | Ø 9 mm

perfect for 0,3 L bottles and cocktails

„long“ 28 cm | Ø 9 mm

perfect for 0,5 L bottles

Personalized straws with high quality laser engraving starting from 100 pieces.

We are happy to engrave the Turtleneck Straw® for orders of 100 or more. Simply send us a logo, website or slogan using the contact form and the desired quantity. We will engrave your very own drinking straw and then send it to you.

The advantages of the
Turtleneck Straw®

Small minimum order quantity:

Our offer is not only aimed at wholesalers. Small advertising companies can also benefit from the advantages of the Turtleneck Straw® for their customers. Our reusable straws can also be flexibly placed in small product ranges.

With small minimum order quantities of 100 or more, we can deliver our drinking straws with your desired engraving.

Individual colors are also feasible from a certain quantity. Just talk to us!

High customer interest and sales rate:

A flexible stainless-steel straw arouses curiosity and customers’ interest in purchasing. Achieve high sales rates in a new, trendy advertising material category with the first bendable, reusable alternative to plastic straws.

Big variety:

Whether for soups, soft drinks, smoothies or XXL cocktail glasses, in silver or gold – we have the right straw alternative for every taste.

You can use our contact form to inquire or directly order your customized drinking straw with the desired quantity and logo. If there are special requirements or wishes, send us an inquiry and we will make you an individual offer. No matter whether sets of 2, 4, or 6 straws or individual packaging with your design. Everything is possible.

Inquire now and go plastic-free ​

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Minimum order quantity 100 pieces, packed always in bags of 50 pieces.

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