The straw alternative for the gastronomy
The bendable alternative to the plastic straw
The straw alternative for the gastronomy

needs flexibility."

"Millions of plastic straws end up in the garbage and in our oceans every day. "

From 2021, the EU Plastic Regulation will finally ban plastic straws."

We offer our stainless-steel straws in different versions. It is versatile and, above all, the perfect alternative to plastic straws for catering industry

With an individual laser engraving of your logo, you can carry your image outwards.

The Turtleneck Straw® - versatile in its use

The alternative plastic-free straw for restaurants, hotels, bars or cafés

Get plastic-free now and switch to the flexible alternative. Your guests will love the flexible drinking straws. Whether cocktail or smoothie, for cold or hot drinks the Turtleneck is the perfect drinking straw for everyone. They are dishwasher safe and hygienically tested. And with the Turtleneck Straw® you can also save money compared to disposable straws.

Wholesale of bar accessories

You are a wholesaler for bar supplies and are looking for an alternative to plastic straws, which you can include in your range? With our environmentally friendly stainless-steel straw you have the flexible solution including a chic design for your customers. With an individual laser engraving, you can also offer your customers their own branding.

Promotions, giveaways and presents

With our flexible stainless-steel drinking straw, you have a product that you can easily add to your product range. High-quality giveaways remain in use for a long time and ensure a lasting promotional effect. You can order our plastic-free straw starting from 100 pieces.

The alternative straw for social institutions, elderly and care facilities, persons with disabilities

Our straw is the safe alternative to plastic straws. It has rounded edges, has been tested and found to be chemically certified, easy to clean, safe and free of harmful substances. In addition, our long straw is the ideal companion for people with disabilities, as it has a nice large opening and can be bent so you can also ‘drink’ soups with it.

The alternative straw for retail

A flexible stainless-steel straw? That makes everyone curious. Rightly so - you do something for the environment and at the same time have fun doing it. Our sales packaging can be placed conveniently in your store. Now is the time to expand your range with the one and only original flexible stainless steel drinking straw.

The Turtleneck Straw as marketing tool for corporations and their brands

Would you like to give your customers a special gift? With our plastic-free straw you can show your sustainability concept to the outside world. As a giveaway for events, after a purchase or the next Christmas present. With this high-quality giveaway you have a long-lasting brand ambassador.

The Turtleneck Straw for at home


The alternative straw for events and exhibitions

"For a safe and clean experience."

So that we can give you a safe drinking experience with our straws, we have had the Turtleneck Straw® neutrally tested. We can now confirm to you that our stainless-steel straws are clean, safe and free of harmful substances. It has no sharp edges and, unlike glass drinking straws, is unbreakable. Thanks to our stainless-steel according to DIN 1.4301, unlike other metal drinking straws, it is also heat-resistant up to 600 ° and does not transmit any heat.

Sustainability means flexibility


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Our mission

Every year around 36.4 million disposable straws end up in the garbage. Much of it ends up in our oceans. To counteract this extreme environmental pollution, the EU will introduce a ban on plastic straws from 2021. That doesn't mean you have to go without a drinking straw. With our sustainable, flexible and bendable stainless steel drinking straws, you not only help to protect the environment, but also receive a drinking straw alternative that is not inferior to the original made of plastic and is fun to use. Sustainability with joy is our mission.